“The revolution cannot be made without women.
Perhaps women are physically weaker but morally
they have a strength a hundred times greater”

Oriana Fallaci

Letizia Lo Monaco was born in Palermo in the late 1950s and lived here, exceptionally for the period she spent in Rome during the childhood. During the 80s, he left her city for the lands of Kaos, on the African sea.

Her creative journey began when as a child, she created models for her dolls inspired by the dresses of the filmography’s Divas of those years.

Her humanistic education stimulated her to delve deeper the cultural theme from Pirandello literature, focusing on the unknowable identity and the social mask, frequent themes in his artistic courses and re-courses which profoundly define her work as a pure cultural expression.

Another expression of his path finds its humus in the problematic nature of the female condition and in the uniqueness of the human, visualized in her artpieces, through elegant geometric shapes, as a precious unicum and his relationship with the ‘others’ who appear through sinuous leather and acrylic lines.

The essential visual universe created by the artist, made of linearity and essential forms, is in the reality the antechamber of a deeper cosmos: the man and his uniqueness that resides properly in his diversity.

The role of materials is crucial, especially in the use of leather, hand-carved and contaminated with powders and others elements, to give light to a mixed technique on canvas with a unique conceptual visual.

The idea of ​​Art by the artist is projected into a conceptual and unique dynamic as an authentic hymn to the diversity and personality that make communication possible and recognisable.

If the etymology of the term ‘Art’ says ‘Going towards’, the spontaneous question is: ‘Going towards whom?’ The artist interprets this directionality as sending a message from man to man, without certainty that there is a receive.

The vision is therefore that of an art as a very personal expression of the individual who is hic et nunc; as a sign and meaning of the human feeling.

Art becomes message in a bottle. The attempt at a meeting.

latest years goals


Is one of the Italian women artists selected by the Institute of Italian Culture in China with an exhibition dedicated to Wenzhou; In the same year his works were chosen by the Gallery of Light in Dubai (United Arab Emirates);

 Farm Cultural Park, one of the most famous Italian realities dedicated to contemporary art, commissioned an artwork that expresses the theme of the digital connections. The installation ‘’ was born in collaboration with Maricetta Lombardo, sound designer winner of David di Donatello for the film ‘Gomorra’ and winner of Nastri d’argento for Gomorra and Tale of Tales films.


Her personal exhibition at Chiaramonte castle in Favara – Agrigento entitled ‘The Ugly Duckling’ receives great critical appreciations for her investigation of the female figure and her relationship to the male patriarchy.

In the same year, the artwork ‘Geometrie Freudiane’ was selected by Universal pictures for the national launch of the film ‘Fifty Shades of Black’;


The artwork ‘Face OFF’ was selected by the Fondazione Michele CEA in Milan;


The artist launched the first capsule collection of luxury fabrics. Unique hand-painted pieces with the same technique of her artworks, distributed in limited edition in the best Italian design show rooms;


The personal exhibition in Rome at Thesign gallery entitled ‘Isolità – Islandness’ investigates the theme of the individual, as an island and archipelago in relation to the others.