“The revolution cannot be made without women.
Perhaps women are physically weaker but morally
they have a strength a hundred times greater”

Oriana Fallaci

Letizia Lo Monaco was born in Palermo in the late ‘50s, and here she lived with exception for the period spent in Rome during her childhood. During the 80s, she left the Italian capital for the Kaos’ lands, located on the African Sea.
The rich humanistic education leads the artist to investigate Pirandello’s themes of the unknowable human identity and the social mask,recurrent themes in her artistic career that deeply mark her art-works as pure cultural expression.
Another theme near to the artist is the woman power, her inner strength, that can be defined γυνή-centric.
Her idea of Art – through any concept and any definition – is projected in a more conceptual and dens-er dynamic of individual expression, which is sign and signification of a personal feeling, it’s as a message in a bottle that not everyone